Sunday, June 14, 2009

Parents vs Kids: Persceptions of Hearing Loss Among the Immediate Family

Parents vs. Kids: Perceptions of Hearing Loss Among the Immediate Family

Featuring special guest Thomas Powers, PhD, VP of Audiology, Siemens Hearing Instruments interviewed by Karl Strom, editor of Hearing Review.

Join HR Editor, Karl Strom, as he visits with the Vice President of Audiology of Siemens Hearing Instruments, Thomas Powers, PhD. Listen as Dr. Powers discusses a recent survey commissioned by Siemens that shows there is a large gap that exists between the perceptions parents (ages 50-75) hold of their own hearing and the perceptions (and worries) their children hold. The survey suggests that traditional hurdles remain when getting people to admit and address their hearing loss. The children of those with hearing loss may be important players—particularly in the role of e-helpers—for getting larger numbers of adults to seek hearing help. This and many more interesting results are covered by Dr. Powers in this week's podcast and presentation.

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